On a Procedural Environment and Tiles

I recently decided to take up a slightly larger project than usual, and create a population growth, migration and control model. Since the model is primarily based on the interaction of people, I had to at least create a program where the most basic and essential interactions were covered.

The major factor that played in directing the interaction of humans throughout history is, as convincingly argued by Fernand Braudel, a French historian – the “longue durée.” This is the change that is slow, millennia-long, and which primarily involves the environment. After all, this makes sense; the environment dictates how people live and survive, what they eat and do. If I wanted to model human behaviour even remotely realistically, I knew that I had to create a believable and plausible environment.

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Once in a while, everyone needs to drink a cup of tea. Or have a biscuit. Likewise, sometimes it is impossible to do anything but sit down and write several lines of code. Sometimes the results are cool or unexpected. If so, expect to find them under Programming.

I was recently messing around with Processing when I accidentally created this nugget. It’s simple, and very basic, yet it produces surprisingly impressive results. This is Geodrawing:

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The Display of the Future, Pt.1

Long, drawn-out lectures are perfect for whipping out your omnipresent academic sidearm and scribbling on a piece of paper. Half of the results may be considered slightly more than just a splotch of ink or multivitamin juice. A tenth may be somewhat recognisable, real world look-a-likes. One or two may actually hold some promise. In Concepts, I will try to capture some of those wild, unrestrained ideas and explore them in more depth.


Chewing the back of your pencil and staring at a notebook for multiple hours each day easily gets you thinking about user input, note-taking and usability. What would it take to have a paper-thin, ultra-portable interactive display, one that would draw information from the environment, react to user input, and be as reliable as a piece of paper, yet infinitely more useful? Why has such a vision not yet been realised, or, more likely, is it even possible? Read on for musings on the display of the future.

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Zero Hour

Welcome to Launch Zero.

This blog is about technology and concepts, industry news and thoughts on emerging products, the world and the people living on it, everything else and more. I hope that what you find here will inform, interest, and even possibly inspire you.

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, feel free to contact me.

~Justas Medeisis

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