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Long, drawn-out lectures are perfect for whipping out your omnipresent academic sidearm and scribbling on a piece of paper. Half of the results may be considered slightly more than just a splotch of ink or multivitamin juice. A tenth may be somewhat recognisable, real world look-a-likes. One or two may actually hold some promise. In Concepts, I will try to capture some of those wild, unrestrained ideas and explore them in more depth.

ASE: The Argument Search Engine

Your search engine provides you with relevant results. It lists everything out by popularity and usefulness and relevance and web history. It provides suggestions. It recommends restaurants and local car dealers. It links news and blogs and Twitter feeds. My … Continue reading

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Bringing See-Through Back

Does anyone remember this? Say hello to the original Nintendo Game Boy. That in itself is exciting. However, what makes this device exceptional is the casing. Look at it! Clear and transparent, exposing all the beautiful electronic wizardry inside this … Continue reading

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The Display of the Future, Pt.1

Chewing the back of your pencil and staring at a notebook for multiple hours each day easily gets you thinking about user input, note-taking and usability. What would it take to have a paper-thin, ultra-portable interactive display, one that would draw information from the environment, react to user input, and be as reliable as a piece of paper, yet infinitely more useful? Why has such a vision not yet been realised, or, more likely, is it even possible? Read on for musings on the display of the future. Continue reading

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