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I was recently messing around with Processing when I accidentally created this nugget. It’s simple, and very basic, yet it produces surprisingly impressive results. This is Geodrawing. Continue reading

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The Display of the Future, Pt.1

Chewing the back of your pencil and staring at a notebook for multiple hours each day easily gets you thinking about user input, note-taking and usability. What would it take to have a paper-thin, ultra-portable interactive display, one that would draw information from the environment, react to user input, and be as reliable as a piece of paper, yet infinitely more useful? Why has such a vision not yet been realised, or, more likely, is it even possible? Read on for musings on the display of the future. Continue reading

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Zero Hour

Welcome to Launch Zero. This blog is about technology and concepts, industry news and thoughts on emerging products, the world and the people living on it, everything else and more. I hope that what you find here will inform, interest, … Continue reading

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